Johns Manville Builder Brochure

The Building Insulation division of Johns Manville usually communicates and markets to contractors (or insulation installers) and homeowners. They're the two audiences who have the most power and control in the decision to purchase JM insulation products. But in late 2013, JM worked with Faction to concept and create a builder education campaign to help drive sales of home insulation.

Insulation goes into every home. JM wanted to tout the benefits of adding more fiber glass insulation to make the home exceed code regulations, which included even lower heating and cooling bills, better sound control and more comfortable indoor environments. And while builders are not the primary decision maker when it comes to which insulation product to use and how much, educating them on the benefits was a direct way to help educate the home buyer.

Our creative (on which I was the lead writer) centered on the concept that a home doesn't look any different on the outside if it has extra, above-code insulation, but it's really what's inside that counts when it comes to comfort and energy efficiency.

The cover of the main content driver for the campaign, a brochure to be used by JM sales to sell to builders. 

The cover of the main content driver for the campaign, a brochure to be used by JM sales to sell to builders. 

In addition to a fold-out brochure for JM sales to use to sell to builders, we also created a brochure to be placed in builders' sales offices to share to homeowners. This type of sales enablement for decision-making audiences is typical of the construction and building materials industry. At Faction, I've also created pieces for distributors to display or share with contractors, for example. We also do quite a bit of marketing in home improvement stores that must speak to both contractors and homeowners, depending on placement within the store.

The full interior of the brochure, with statistics from industry leaders like Insulation Institute and NAIMA.

Client: Johns Manville Building Insulation Division

Agency: Faction

Lead Writer: Annemarie Moody Miller

Lead Designer: Ben Marshall