Faction Blog & Social

I managed, edited and published the Faction blog and social from 2013 through 2016, when I left Faction. Prior to my involvement, there were a few contributors that would occasionally write, but I took on the task of sticking to a weekly publishing calendar and being more involved in our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+).

The blog was redesigned along with a full website refresh in spring 2015. In that redesign, I moved all content over to the new site, fixed SEO problems and worked with the designer to add feature images to every post.

Sample post on the Faction Blog.

Sample post on the Faction Blog.

The challenge with any corporate blog is getting the in-house subject matter experts to participate. We relied on volunteers for a year before enacting a mandatory annual blog per person at Faction. With around 35 people on the Creative, Interactive Services and Account teams, that equaled just under one post a week (taking holidays into account). Members of the Faction Content team and Directors were tasked with two or more blogs a year so we could publish twice a week on occasion.

I've also been the primary social media manager at Faction since 2013, posting and engaging on all our social streams.

Agency: Faction

Lead Writer: Annemarie Moody Miller

Date: 2013-2016