Diet Pepsi "Daily Sip" Articles

As a freelance project in 2013 for Nomadic Agency out of Phoenix, AZ, I wrote monthly articles for the "Daily Sip" blog on the Diet Pepsi site.

Each article was 200-500 words, and was reflective of the female-friendly lifestyle brand of Diet Pepsi. I wrote about how to organize your purse, how to throw a make-your-own-nachos-bar fiesta, and how to decorate pumpkins without carving them. The Daily Sip has since been taken down from the Pepsi family of websites, but a selection of articles is below:

Five Quick Tips for Purse Organization

Football Party Nacho Bar

Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

Client: Diet Pepsi via Nomadic

Writer: Annemarie Moody Miller

Year: 2013