I work with words. I'm both a storyteller and a wordsmith, and I'm a really, really good proofreader. Like any good trained journalist-turned-marketer, I start with "why?" and go from there.

I am a Senior Content Strategist at full-service digital agency Look Listen, and the Co-Founder / Co-Scribbler-in-Chief of We Write Things, a collective of like-minded creatives with a simple goal: create. We write about pop culture and personal obsessions — whatever we want.

This is what I do:

  • Brand Archetype & Messaging :: Let's figure out who you are, why you do what you do, who your competitors are, what they're saying, and say it better to your intended audience.
  • Website Writing & Proofing :: Then, I can write a killer new website, or proof and edit the one you have.
  • Lead Generation :: I can help you build relationships with your current customers and build trust with new ones. There's a ton of ways to reach them, so remember that it matters more what value you're bringing.

And for fun, here's a non-exhaustive list of things I like:

  • travel (with my husband, with my friends, by myself, with my sisterfriend and sometimes even with my whole family)
  • looking at, cooking and eating food (healthy eating with a side of cheese, chocolate, wine, beer & butter)
  • peer pressuring my coworkers to drink more water through water drinking competitions
  • running in the park under the trees
  • holiday parties
  • being a native Coloradan (Arvada, born & raised) with stints in AZ & CA
  • reading books, magazines & the internet
  • trivia at bars
  • the beautiful people in my life, to whom I owe so much
  • and last, but certainly not least: sharks

Please contact me at annemarie.moody@gmail.com with any freelance writing or editing projects, or if you just want to ask me about my favorite type of shark.